Many couples, or at least brides, dream of Hawaii weddings. Whether it is the beach, the waterfalls, the volcanoes, or the gardens this destination appeals to thousands of couples who venture there every year to get married. Usually destination weddings are associated with celebrities, professionals and executives, and independently wealthy tycoons. Those who really want to get married in Hawaii can do so without being rich.


The biggest cost to a destination wedding is typically the travel expenses. Flights, accommodations, and meals add up fast. The couple knows they need to save, especially if they plan on taking a honeymoon. Taking advantage of Hawaii wedding packages offered will not alter their costs by much money. Those who will need to save money will be the guests who want to share the day with the couple.

Destination weddings are small by nature because the average person cannot afford to attend a wedding that is not local. Between taking days off from work, buying plane tickets, and paying for a hotel attendance is not possible. Talk to the people you most want to attend and give them enough time to save money. Eighteen months to one-year is plenty of time to prepare because that is how long it takes to save money for a vacation.


Be Flexible

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Couples who get married during peak wedding season will spend the most money. Getting married during the slow season will cost a substantial amount less for everything. The venue, the caterer, the music, flowers, and the officiant will all be cheaper. Another advantage to this is the sights, beaches, and attractions will not be as crowded with tourists.

Flexibility with dates and hotels is also helpful. A wedding in the middle of the week, for example, is cheaper than having the event on the weekend. Major discounts or given to draw in customers so savings is even greater. Think about what is most important, the destination of the wedding, or the number of people in attendance. The answer will determine how affordable a Hawaiian wedding can be.

Prepare to Wait

Life can get in the way and plans can be delayed. Setting a wedding date is wonderful but it may have to be moved if other matters required use of savings. This does not mean the wedding is out of financial reach, it simply means it may have to wait a few months or several months. At that point, the couple will need to re-evaluate their plans and make some decisions regarding the destination.


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